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The League For Animal Protection Food Pantry

LAP provides cat and dog food to people who care for feral cat colonies and to many area food pantries for families with pets.

If you need assistance with food or would like to donate food for the pantry, call 631-757-4517.

Tucker (before)
Dear LAPH dogs of Huntington,

We adopted Tucker officially for the record! And he has been such a joy. Every morning, without fail, he is there, waiting ever so quietly for us to wake up, wagging his tail to greet my husband and I (and doggie brother & sis). He literally is the sweetest dog I have ever met in my lifetime. He is so obedient, and loving. I just can't understand why his owner dumped him off at the town municipal shelter, and to top it off, why he was there for a year and a half?

Originally Tucker was supposed to be a foster dog. When he came to my home at 50 pounds and with a horrible skin condition, he didn't care, he was so happy to be out of his concrete cell. With constant care and the financial support of LAPH Dogs of Huntington, Tucker's ailments were figured out and treated.

Now, Tucker is 68 pounds and all of his hair has grown back! He's a beautiful boy who never hesitates to please. I am so happy we found him, or should I say, he and the volunteers found us...LOL. Left at the Town, he would have most certainly withered away and died, as he is allergic to wheat and many other foods given there as a staple.

As for the fostering...I guess we failed at that. We have come to love him so much and selfishly wanted to adopt him outright.

Thank you all for believing in Tucker and finding him a home with us. We will never give him up and he will always be a part of our family.

Theresa Smillie
Sound Beach, NY

Tucker (afterwards)

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